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I was sitting in a tiny town in Fiji yesterday talking ot a local food shop owner.  Surprisingly the conversation turned to business and my friend bewailed the unfair tax treatment of the current government and the fact that his feasability studies showed it was almost impossible to remain profitable.

This would be normal in New Zealand but if you could see where I was it was most unusual. My friend has probably never been to school and this “business” is just above a subsistence income.

Yet this man was smart enough to learn what he needed to to try and make his business successsful in his terms.  I was incredibly impressed that in such a hard place, uneducated, corrupt and crippled by class issues he was running a professional sophisticated business.  Just goes to show you can’t judge any book by it’s cover or classification.

BTW I had a cup of tea, 2 amazing samosa and 2 bhajia at his shop for the exorbitant cost of $1:40 NZD.  Would have paid twelve bucks in NZ without thinking about it :-) .

So if an uneducated, disadvantaged, poor yet intelligent person can start and run a business in Fiji against all odds, what stops you from achieving your dreams??

Get Going and Stay safe ~ Dean

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Killer Instinct and grinding

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RWC 2011 Winning Team Coach Robbie Deans

I am not really a rugby fan.  As a kiwi it is impossible to not understand the game and want us to win but fundamentally it has little impact on my life.

Having said that it does provide some fascinating lessons about life and success if we scratch beneath the surface.

England recently had issues with their captain being a breast magnet in some pub and the Irish have continually said they are here for a good time.

So it is interesting to see them both lose this week. Maybe women and good times have a consequence when it comes to execution and professionalism?

Contrast this with Australia, who, like New Zealand take their footy pretty seriously.  I don’t think anybody who watched their game could say that South Africa didn’t deserve to win in terms of their overall game, however they lost regardless of that.  Australia hate to lose and the continual booing they tolerate at every game seems to pump up their killer instinct and they get the result they are paid to achieve.

The All Blacks also showed that they can grind their way to victory over Argentina on the weekend. Again the score borad did the Pumas no justice, they played out of their skin, but we have learned to make the last 10 minutes the most important because the opponents exhaustion is what creates holes.

So in life I think we need a combination of killer instinct and grind ability to achieve our goals.  We have to decide we will have them and we have to do whatever it takes to achieve them.

So back to the cup, we had the best game of the tournament with South Africa playing Australia, the next best game is going to be Australia and NZ.  And there I suspect we will see why we have never, ever beaten OZ in a world cup.  And that is because killer instinct is more critical than grinding ability, and the Ozzies have it in spades.

The final will be a yawn given that Australia will win it :-) .

And before all the hate mail starts it is just a game and I am entitled to my opinion, even if it is unpatriotic, ungodly and possibly……………………………..


Get Going and Stay Safe ~ Dean Letfus

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Glad it’s only a game :-)

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Well quite a weekend wasn’t it?

The vulcans LOST

Junior Warriors won

The real Warriors LOST

Dan Carter is LOST and

Richie McCaw might be LOST

Thankfully this is all about games and entertainment, not likely to significantly change the course of my life.  However having said that it is fascinating that how we feel as a society has been proven to have a knock on effect in that city or countries economies.

People that feel good about themselves and their surroundings perform better, make more money and have less illness in their life.

Of course the difficulty is that if we define winning at Rugby as a yardstick for feeling good then only one country in any given competition can feel good because all the other teams are losers right?  So this is not a good way to measure our well being.

With so much potentially going wrong for us on the weekend I was thinking about the old adage:

“It’s not whether you win or lose but how you play the game”, and wondering if that is really as corny as it sounds.

Taking the Warriors game for example, if they boys did their best and left nothing on the table then they succeeded.  To be the only NZ team in the league and make the final in a year when they knew their coach was abandoning them is huge enough success.

If they also know they did all they could on the day then we should be able to enjoy that and feel good about a job well done.

Defining our lives by absolute winners and absolute losers creates a very small world of success and a vast ocean of  failures.

And I just don’t think that is how we should be measuring ourselves.  What do you think???

Get Going and Stay Safe ~ Dean Letfus

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And now it’s snowing?

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From my mates deck in Queenstown :-)


One wonders what else could happen in New Zealand.  On top of natural and financial disasters we now have freezing cold weather and snow in places it never snows.  This can be fun for the kids but must be devastating for the earthquake survivors and make them wonder if they are in some dark comedy.

But the fact is life happens to us all, regardless of how much we might try to avoid it.  And this is where our perspective can transform our outcomes.

Have you ever thought about what your perspective on life is? Stress usually brings out the bottom line for most of us. How do you behave when the chips are down.  I have watched a lot of good people behave incredibly badly/sadly through the recent troubled times while others have really come into their own.

There is no substitute for doing the best you can, looking for the solution rather than the problem and putting people above things or money.  These perspectives on life will dictate where you end up.  I have watched so many Mainlanders embrace this as they look for the life in their damaged homes and lives rather than becoming bitter and twisted.

I have sadly also met a number of people whose marriages ended as a result of the earthquake. Obviously there were other issues in their lives but the stress of this disaster exposed their real hearts and maybe their real pain.

So my friends, decide who you really are, what your life is really about and cultivate those truths in your life so that when life delivers you six feet of equine eschatology,  it will be the pony you find :-)

Get Going and Stay Safe ~ Dean Letfus

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Developing character

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The Bible is pretty clear on how to develop good character. And regardless of whether you believe the Bible to be the literal inspired word of God or just a bunch of wise sayings and stories I find it is rarely wrong when it comes to helping us understand ourselves. Almost like it was written by our designer :-) .

So how do we develop good character??

By suffering!!   Yay!!

Because suffering produces perseverance; perseverance develops character and developed character produces hope. (Romans 5:4)

That last bit is awesome isn’t it.  We will have more hope as we persevere in suffering because the resultant character development will increase our capacity to overcome the suffering and to see the bigger picture.

Man if we could learn to look at difficulties in this way we would stop running from them and actually seek them out wouldn’t we?

Hands up who would like more hope.  I see that hand.  Well the answer to more hope is literally right in front of you.  How are you dealing with the current problems/suffering/difficulty/left filed events in your life??

Are you persevering through them and looking constantly for solutions and allowing yourself to be OK with the things you can’t fix immediately?  If you are then you are on the Romans 5:4 journey.

Hang in there, a bigger, better more hope filled you IS being developed right now.

Don’t miss the new you by giving up!!

Get going and Stay Safe ~ Dean

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Safety and familiarity

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As I walk around USA streets I have learned a major lesson about change.

I find every time I go to cross a road or get into a car my brain goes haywire because all the automatic things I do to protect myself simply don’t work.

I look left as I step off the sidewalk only to get nearly run over by the cars approaching from my right.

I stomp on the non existent foot pedal as we approach and intersection because we are on the wrong side of the road.

Now the thing about this is that all the things I am doing are automatic reflexes designed to protect me.  But because the environment has changed they don’t work.  In fact if I don’t learn to suppress them I am going to end up dead.

What a powerful picture this is of a new investor.

Everything we have learned in life to protect us kicks into action when we embark on a wealth creation programme.  And the problem is that the environment has changed so all those defence mechanisms will hinder us BIG TIME!

You simply cannot think the same way if you want to retire young or if you want to go from a $70,000 a year income to a $1,000,000 a year.

Changing my reflexes and actions is essential, not optional.

So I have a new found empathy for many of my new students as I have struggled to cope with USA traffic.  I am terrified to step outside the hotel until I can reframe my world to cope with everbody approaching from the wrong side, dricing on the wrong side and the steering wheel on the wrong side.

Only it’s not wrong, just different.

What do you need to reframe today to get to the next level in your life??

Stay Inspired and Stay safe ~ Dean Letfus

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Successful Mindset

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Is this a successful Mindset?

Is this a successful Mindset?

A Successful Mindset, what exactly does that mean?
I am rewriting some content for some of my web sites at the moment and in reviewing the Real Secret of My Success page I can’t help but think about what is success really.
I believe I have a successful mindset because I wake up each day in love with God, Raewyn and my kids.
I am able to love people pretty well I think and forgive them easily for their faults. I make sure I find time to enjoy my guitar, the beach and a lot of great music. That for me is the fruit in my own life of a successful mindset.
Now for you the answers might be completely different, which is OK, but the critical point is do you know what you want out of your life? You can only develop a successful mindset if you have clearly defined what success is for you.

You’ll notice that money and property and wealth don’t even get a mention in my life, even though I have created wealth through property and need a lot of money to be able to give it away. But they are not a measure o fmy success. Because for me, if they were, then I would be a failure if they went away. I hope that makes sense. Nobody can take my ability to love away. Nobody can rob me of my joy at the sight of a beach or hearing Phil Keaggy going troppo with his Olson. But money and stuff, man my coffin hasn’t even got pockets let alone a garage :-)

As I talked about yesterday (in the mindset section),we can incrementally move towards improving ourselves, but we must know what we are moving towards and why.

So thought for the day, define what needs to be in your life for you to say you have achieved a successful mindset

Stay Inspired and Stay Safe ~ Dean Letfus
The Ethical Investors Strategist

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